Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Exopolitical Myth.

If you consider the whole field of Exopolitics (not the same as Ufology,) you will find the key, the big secret.
Exopolitics is the rhetoric of the hypothetical.
Exopoliticians are individuals that talk about their own ideas, factoids, suggestions, absurdities, unreliability.
Exopoliticians are monologists. They are NOT talking with ETs. They are talking with themselves.
In Exopolitics we have words, lots of words. Big names, institutes, organizations.
By the magic of the Internet we imagine spaces, buildings, offices. There are none. The big institute is just a word. Nothing but a word, a link.
Of course, the Exopolitical world is marginal. Have no real existence in Politics or Science, or Academics.
The solution for this enigma is simple: The whole world of Politics, Academics, Science, is CONSPIRING to deny the truth.
The paranoid solution...
Perhaps we are not satisfied with this and do some research looking for some Evidence about the Real Thing, but this will not help.
There are no Evidences.
There are contactees of course, but these are individuals do not justify the existence of a pseudoscience like Exopolitics.
The messages of the contactees are private, personal and vary spiritual, but nothing in them shows that Aliens are interested in Diplomacy.
And there is more: the Exopoliticians are divided. They hate themselves. They call themselves names.
But they have something in common. All of them want your money.
DONATIONS...non-profit...you name it.
If you give them money, they will tell you about the Alien hypothesis, and what Dolphins want to tell you, and they will make you an expert in Galactic Diplomacy, or will show you a nice photo of a young male angel.
And this is all they have. And they want to sell you this stuff...

Give me a Break..!

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