Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Guru Syndrome.

Let me share with you these thoughts:

What is a Guru? Is someone who needs Followers.
Why he needs them? Just because without followers there is no money, and there is no Ego feeding.
The Guru will try to make you believe that he knows more than you.
He can ad titles to his name if he is a westerner. He must be a Doctor or a Lawyer or something like that, even if his academic achievements have nothing to do with his/ her teachings.
She/He also must use funny hair and funny clothes. If possible he must live in a beautiful Island, or any other place who gives him a social profile. (Also people must come to his "paradise" if they want to learn.
The Guru syndrome easy to understand. The Guru comes to believe that Followers must give him money. Followers must believe that he is always right.
Once the relationship Guru-Followers is formed, the Guru has his Sect.
The Sect is the center of the World and the source of Truth.
The "others" are enemies, disinformers, cabalists, psy-ops, pathological skeptics.
If the Guru gives no answers to legitimate questions, he adduces the need to keep the Secret. In Time, all will be revealed. While the time comes please, "donate".
The Guru shows great knowledge of many "secret" things, but the Followers will not ask him for Evidences. He is not obliged to give any.
The Guru must find a name for his Teachings.
He will them be the "pioneer" of...(here the name of his "Science)
The Guru career ends when he finds that followers will not give him all the money he needs. Simple like that.
Without generous followers, the Guru becomes a normal human being and is forced to find a job like everybody else.


James Black

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