Saturday, October 23, 2010


Read this please:

"According to Mr. Webre, “ A core portion of the October 13, 2010 New York City UFO sightings appear to have been authentically created by intelligent civilizations from star systems elsewhere in our galaxy. When understood in their full context, the Oct 13 UFO sightings confirm the Exopolitics model - that we live in a populated, organized multi-verse, filled with intelligent civilizations, and that our civilization has been functionally quarantined from interaction with other intelligent civilizations.”

Now, if I write something like this, you should ask me this simple question: HOW DO YOU KNOW?

In this sense, I prefer the good old contactees: They just answer that they are in contact with Zetas, Pleyadeans, Orionids, you name it...just that, and they go on making a living with their "alien messages" . This is honest, right? Is Circus that recognizes itself as Circus.
The problem comes when the Exofantasists use big words and try to make "science" or "religion" or worst ,"Universal Law"
This is the Circus trying to make you believe in the "University".
The charlatan telling you that he/she is a scientist.
In my definition, this is the Asylum with a Megaphone.

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