Sunday, November 14, 2010

People fed-up with the Extraterrestrial shows that never happen.

Looks like Susanne, a member of Dr. Boylan's yahoo group wants something more than WORDS.
This is her post in UFOfacts, Dr Boylan yahoo group:

To all,

A few weeks ago I emailed a friend to tell her about the coming display of presence by the Star Nations. She was extremely skeptical, and after a few similar email exchanges became so angry that she ended our friendship. Now I find myself more anxious than ever to see or hear in the news sightings of the mother ship and feel slightly guilty because I'm afraid my anticipation is slightly coloured by wanting to have my beliefs verified. Never mind that if I should be so lucky to see it hovering over my house near Philadelphia I'd be outside jumping up and down, waving and calling, "Hi!!" I know that each of us has to arrive at our own mental place of our own accord, but sometimes it does get frustrating.

I've been stewing about this ever since it happened and finally decided I had to get it out of my system. Thanks for letting me blow off some steam!

Love (hopefully) and light,

Susanne Sauer
Curious tactic...the Star.Nations shows are always shy. Never a serious big starcraft.

"Let's show something that looks more like a balloon, ok?.

"Let us tell the Councilor of Earth to promise the "big one", but let's make something that our friends could see as just a plane contrail."

It is cruel to do that with the councilor, when is so simple for them to show a mothership like that of "close encounters of the third kind", the Spielberg film.

But no...they like to play hide and seek, they are shy, the Cabal always wins. They enjoy the "Nothing Happens Situation".

"Let's force the councilor of Earth to waste time and energy", the Star Nations say.

"We shall NOT show, we shall NOT help, we shall NOT clean the environment, we shall remain detached."
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