Thursday, December 23, 2010


Wishful Thinking produces hallucinations and pathetic nonsense.
Those who try to impose the UFO= ET. hypothesis act like stage magicians.

When a country promises to "reveal" their knowledge about UFOs, the illusionists talk about disclosure.
But then, of course, nothing happens, because in these sensational revelations, Unidentified Flying Objects just remain Unidentified Flying Objects.

Why this is called 'disclosure " ???

The UFO conspirationists are mistaken? No, I don't think so.
The EXOS just need to win some time. For 70 years, " the Aliens are just landing now."
It never happens. The prophets of "contact now" are ALWAYS WRONG.

The problem they have is this: if people loose Faith, they don't buy books, courses of Galactic Diplomacy, or the last "messages from the good, nice, spiritual Pleiadeans Arthurians, or Betelgeusians. (Put here the star name you like best.)

So, the big disclosure is also a Never Happens Situation.
People see Unidentified Flying Objects, and 96 % of times these objects are identified. (Birthday balloons in New York, for example.) The other 4 % remain unidentified.
So, about what disclosure are we talking here?
The TRUTH is that nobody in the whole Earth can show us real, concrete EVIDENCE proving that UFOs are Extraterrestrial Spacecrafts.
But the EXO-illusionists need to win some more time.

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