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MY Answer for Andrew Hennessey.

First, it is perfectly possible that you know something that I DON'T KNOW.
My own existential experience tells me that the non-human entities that some people call "aliens", are not friendly.
Also, looks to me that they are taking something from us, or our planet.
The Non-Human phenomenon is much more complex than anything we can imagine.
On a personal level, let me tell you that I can understand contradictory statements IN SUCH A WAY that I become PART of those statements. This makes me PRAGMATIC.
I know a few things about the power of human symbols.
I understand how the Universal Game Works.
CONSEQUENTLY, even if I know that there is no such thing as a Soul, I find that Andrew is honest in his farming theory and (in this moment of the Universal Game, is better for Humanity to send "non-humans" home. (This of course is a problem because they could tell us that THIS is their home.)
I believe that James Black interests are also the best interest of all humans.
James Black cannot tell lies to himself and others.
James Black can EMPTY himself AT WILL of any belief and even of ANY IDENTITY.
This is , if you ask me, something PERSONAL (or impersonal) but cannot be shared or explained.
You, Andrew, one of the best minds in EXOideology, will perhaps see what I am writing here.
But, anyway, If you convince people that I do not represent THEIR BEST INTERESTS, just do it.
Hate and/or Love will not change me at all. Remember that I can empty myself of both at will.
(Let me tell you something more Andrew. After reading this you will have a few things to tell to my friends. Take this as a challenge.)

James AKA Tomas
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On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 7:32 PM, andrew hennessey <> wrote:


Andrew Hennessey

I think its time to call you on an issue that's dear to my heart.
When we exchange emails in private you say of course the aliens are
farming etc but then when you go onto one of your big lists you
declare that We know NOTHING about what the aliens are doing.

There are 2 points for me that come out of this.

1. is that to hold the logically absolute extreme position that we
know nothing is as bad as and comparable to being a Boylanesque or
Sallacious feelgooder who knows EVERYTHING.
Neither position – either yours or Boylans is actually True.
It isn't true to say that we know Nothing or Everything – both
contentions are a fallacy.
For example Paul Schroeder knows that he is being brutally dehumanised
by the Greys.
Just using the old Descartes punchline which in philosophical jargon
is called epistemological skepticsim – ie. how can we know anything
because everything is invalid and meaningless is the sort of
establishment terror mechanism that used to be deployed on Fortean
lists against UFO spotters in the 1960's and 1970's – it leads to the
establishment paradigm of brain dysfunction, biochemistry and
treatment [weather balloons, etc] and in fact you are saying that all
emerging stories of brutal alien behaviour are the equivalent of
semantic marshgas …

You do the public interest a great disservice when you say we know
nothing and anything we do know means nothing.
That is not rational ufology it is irrational abandon.

2. It is true to say that we all know something negative about alien
behaviour in its illegal impact on our lives.
To say that we/witnesses don't even know or recognise that fact is to
be as bad as the three doctors. The public record of witness testimony
therefore that incriminates illegal alien activity as it targets lives
should be treated as at least valid contention until rationally and
legally disproven.

2. It is our rational task to compile the things we do know such that
there can be demographics.
occupational and social statistics for victims of alien abuse.
recognition and treatment of post traumatic stress and legal
representation and forthcoming apology for the victim.

3. the other issue of course is how can it be a soul farm if you don't
have a soul – for in your book some people have no souls. We all
started out with one – but I think it can get melted down and broken
down by farming see Psalm 139 and also the first 20 minutes of the
Golden Compass Movie – feeding on Souldust in a repto hosted environment


We know that they act by dehumanising people – there should be
categories and modus operandii emerging
but they may also act by augmenting/tempting people
they are seen to enact a paradigm of combustion, oxidation and
biological analogues e.g. the rusting car with the internal combustion
engine [ which could have been a titanium free energy vehicle 12000 BC
before the arrows and chariots etc ]
see the cartoon culture – why are we being degraded and animalised ?
I wrote a piece called Human Deregulation and the Greys which went
totally uncommented upon when it was posted on p4c – I even wonder if
its still there anymore.
why would a more bestially orientated human be a better upload capture
than a more spiritual one ?
this is stuff we should be asking so that we can spot this stuff as it
operates on us.
see their fantasy on tv and Hollywood its always the paradigm of
downtrodden depleted munchkins from which emerges the special or
chosen one to complete the mission with the repto heroes.
why is everybody animalistic medieval munchkins e.g Stargate atlantis.
lord of the rings amongst some energy hungry predators – in the
kingdom of heaven one phase up from here – everybody is empowered –
there are no depleted burrows and munchkins in these MANSIONS UPSTAIRS

why does Disney give us rats cooking our food ?

of all the epic beauty that could be portrayed by advanced 3d
multimedia why are we being fed dark spiritual junk like saw 5 ?
zombies, retards, meat movies.

when there are farmers amongst us that can outrun the bullets and
materialise behind the shooter before they pull the trigger ..
this charade is to take them all down to bestiality – to discard human
love and spiritual commune – to be the self serving energy hungry
predator – in the dark cavern of me myself I – living it up in dark
fortress ego and starving to death in depletion as a result.

that's why the reptos put out the nihilism and print it a ton at a
time in libraries and bookstores

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