Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dr. Salla's new Agenda

We will analyze the meaning of what Dr. Salla writes about models in P4C. This is important because those “models” are the Agenda of the so called Exopolitics. Y will write between text with a different font. Below Salla’s text:

“Dear Rebecca, thank you for sharing your experience, and the model
used in other forums where bickering is eliminated by focusing on
sharing news, witness testimonies, getting clarification, etc. That is
certainly one option to seriously consider given the tendency for
people to give opinions that are interpreted in so many different ways
by others leading to disputes, insults, flaming etc.

In an environment rich in lies, hoaxes, faked whistleblowers, anonymous sources and historical fiction presented as fact, “sharing news, witness testimonies, getting clarification, etc.” is impossible.” All those who have had negative ET experiences are sent by Salla to healing before joining P4C. In other words Salla only wants Nice Experiences as required by the Exopolitics Agenda.”

My preference would be for the forum to reorient itself in a more
constructive way by focusing on the forgiveness, reconciliation,
healing aspects of ET contact.

This requires a better definition: Salla should tell us what exactly are the “healing aspects” of ET contact. Also, since the doctor considers the Alien presence hypothetical, (see his papers,) this has absolutely no sense.

While that's no issue with positive ET contacts, I do understand the major problems faced by those having negative ET experiences. In some cases, they need to go through much
healing before joining forums like this where they can easily be
antagonised by the opinions of others that are based in different

As pointed before, Salla proscribes negative experiences. Perhaps he will send abductees to the Boylan’s Sauna.

If the self-moderating aspect fails because ultimately
large numbers of people can't share their opinions without getting
into flamewars,etc. , that would be very sad indeed. What kind of
signal would that send to ETs observing us and the future post-contact
planetary system we are moving towards?

The problem is not between us, humans. No, the problem is the Big Space Brothers. They will be mad with us, they will punish us. Is Salla ready for the proclamation of a Cult?

This is personal. I don’t care what the hypothetical good aliens think about us. I care about us, humans. The Non-Human entities do not care about us. They are detached, perhaps they use us. We receive NOTHING from them.

I would like to hear from other members as to which of the above two
models they feel would be the most beneficial from their own
perspective for the future of the p4c forum.

Aloha, Michael S.

You are not proposing two models, Michael. Not at all. You are revealing your new agenda. You are reinventing your own “aliens” (they are all nice). Looks like Dr. Greer cult and Boylan’s.

Probably we will soon see a “merging” between different UFO profiteers.

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