Friday, February 6, 2009

Preparing for Contact? Just Marketing.

In a short but substantial message a member of P4C writes:

I agree with you Mary. I am here with this group for about two years and I am still waiting for any intelligent debate related to "prepare for contact". Is good that Dr. Salla is doing a laundry here. It is time to do some restructuring here on this forum.

Our Idea is that the purpose of P4C was never the preparation for an hypothetical contact.
The UFO phenomenon is with US from the beginning of times, and the Non-Human entities behind this phenomenon NEVER gave any indication that they want a collective contact.
No, what is obvious is that exopolitical forums are simply MARKETING.
The EXOS sell books, sell tourism, sell "solar initiations", sell courses on Galactic Diplomacy. Some other events as participation on meetings, journalism and letters for Disclosure are nothing more that PROMOTION. Promotion sells.
In P4C and similar forums the people write, give ideas, fight, describe personal experiences: Dr. Salla SELLS.
In other words, people writes for free, and the EXOS sell these same people their PRODUCTS.
You are not payed for your ideas but EXOS sell your own ideas an some copy-and-paste.
And now, one of my mottos ...GIMME A BREAK..!


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