Friday, February 27, 2009

On Night , Chaos and Emptiness.

Oh yes, I was reading and checking my collection of old films: German Expressionism.
But hope is there, and has the face of Webre and Salla, and perhaps Greer. (I don't know about the last one because he seems to be shifting also...)
If we are nice, says Webre, the Big Cosmic Brothers will put an end to the quarantine we are under, and we will all be happy in 2012...the Golden Age, promised by the same Webre.
Talking about Webre, and Salla, and Greer, consider that the trio, make us us imagine the Non-Humans as...Humans. The Aliens looking as Natives. ExoDisneyland.
Of course, the Galaxy is full of people like us...but, wait a minute. No Dark Shadows, No blinding and amorphous lights, no gelatinous horrors, not the Crawling Chaos?

At night, I walk in my place, with very old Oaks, and shadows.
When there is no Moon, in cold nights of Autumn, I watch the Night Sky.
No fear at all, because I know how to empty myself of myself and of any "self".
I know how to be a small point of awareness in the night. In a night that is NOT mine, in a Universe populated by Entities that cannot be seen, because If you do, and you are not Empty, The Medusa Effect will take care of you, and there is no return.
The Universe is an Unlimited Battlefield. The Endless War. The secret of this War is that 1=2. Yes, take a look again. 1=2.
Time? No, time is Ouroboros, produces itself in the Infinite Void.
Masks of course, masks under masks, but to look for a face is FUTILITY.
There is no Face under the Masks. Th MASKS are the FACE.
Entities in-between, waiting, just waiting the right moment. Not Grays, or Tall Whites, or nice Adamskian Venusians, of the naughty Pleiadeans of Billy Meiers. NO.
But I will not write about who or what they are. This night of late February is cold, so cold here, and the night seems to me darker than before. Darker than darkness itself.
Watching the cold, cold and dark sky, we can even find the secret of the Black Light, but NEVER try, if you do not learn to Empty your Self. Only Those who kill that shadow called "self" can cross the Daath Void.

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