Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wishful Thinking & Responsibility

With all due respect , we will see what is rational here and what is not. Please read between lines what we can say about this:

Here is an interesting article in Toronto's Globe and Mail.
About Paul Hellyer as he completes his 13th book
and memoirs at age 85.

http://www.theglobe servlet/story/ LAC.20090223. MACGREGOR23/ TPStory/National /columnists

Some quotes:

"UFOs are as real as the airplanes that fly over your head."

Without doubt, UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS exist, but should not be compared with airplanes because airplanes are IDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS. Both are different categories of "objects" right?

"The cosmos is teeming with life,"

Probably, but until now, UFOs are not Evidence of a cosmos teeming with life. First we must IDENTIFY these objects, and find what these are. WE DON'T KNOW is Cosmos is teeming with Life.

"I haven't seen the Taj Mahal either,But I know it exists."

This is fallacious thinking. If you try Google, you will find millions of words, testimonies, pictures, films and videos of the Taj Majal. If you do the same with the category Extraterrestrial Life, you will find no evidence of such thing, even if it is possible to believe that probably there is life in the Universe, other than in our planet.

"I think there is a spiritual longing out there," he says. "People are
so distressed at the present time by all that is going on in the
world. The banking system has fallen apart. People worry there's a
possibility of war between the Christian world and the Muslim world.
We want something better."
"It's about hope - what we are all looking for."

This is just wishful thinking. Our spiritual longing will not create nice, benevolent Cosmic Brothers at all. Human problems can only be solved by us, humans. The destiny of our Civilization is and always will be in our hands. We, humans, will save Life, or we will destroy it. The last thing we should do is to WAIT for someone or something to save us.
Salvation from Hunger, Illness, Pain, War, is OUR RESPONSIBILITY.

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