Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Impossible Conspiracy

Alfred Webre, a lawyer, writes this:

Mar 18, Alfred Lambremont Webre, Canada
> > Acknowledge Earth's existence in a populated and highly
> > organized Universe,
> > filled with intelligent civilizations who are outreaching
> > to humanity at
> > this time. Reach out peacefully to the intelligent
> > population now living
> > under the surface of our nearest neighbor, Mars

Webre' "scientific" investigation is based in some research done by Andrew Basiago, another lawyer and self-proclaimed "Mars researcher".

Now IF the discoveries of Webre and Basiago are real, THEN we must consider not only the NASA cover-up, but a world wide conspiracy of all the governments, scientists, universities, observatories, and scientific institutions. We must also understand that the whole Media is included in this monstrous scheme.
How this universal plot works? How these secrets are kept?. How the control of EVERYBODY is enforced?
Obviously, the idea of this conspiracy is ABSURD. Any rational individual probably will agree with me that such a machination is IMPOSSIBLE in the modern world and probably in any world.
So, I must conclude that there are NO EVIDENCES of intelligent population under the surface of Mars. Also there are NO EVIDENCES that we live in a Universe FILLED with intelligent civilizations who are outreaching to humanity at this time.
Besides, there are NO EVIDENCES of such Universal Conspiracy.
Honestly, these individuals have a very poor image of us all.


James Black
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