Monday, March 30, 2009


Popular Culture , High Culture, and UFOs

Postmodernism "no longer recognizes the distinction between high and popular culture".
This phenomenon becomes evident in the Era of the Mass Media, including the Internet.
Some UFO experts tell us that the absurdities of the UFO discourse keep the best minds far from the necessary research, but this is not so, because UFO discourse IS Pop Culture by it's own rights.
That is why, the idea that "redeeming" the UFO-ET-Aliens rhetoric trough Science, is absurd.
The UFO galaxy of memes is pop culture and can never be other thing.
Serious and outmoded institutions like the modern State, will never recognize the UFO phenomenon, because if they do that, they assume Popular Culture as High Culture, and this is dangerous for the State. It is a self-subversive act. It is Theater of the Absurd.
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