Friday, March 13, 2009

Rational vs. Irrational Rhetoric

In this age of poor reading, mediocrity, and lots of disinfo, we must use some care in our communications with others.
First I want to take a look at the style and content of Contactees' messages presumably originated in Alien sources.
These messages are based in some elements of human culture and subculture.
Sample: the whole Idea of the Ascendant Masters comes from Blavatsky-Leadbetter theosophic writings and ideas. Another contribution to these messages is a misunderstanding of the Tibetan forms of Buddhism, heavily blended with pre-Buddhist beliefs.
In self proclaimed contactees messages we will find a lot of this XIX Century Esoterism and Occultism.
Also, in these messages we find many elements of the Cabalistic Doctrines, such as Angelic Names and Sephirotic Paths.
What remains are New Age generalizations, the so called Esoteric Christianism, and of course all this blended with some science-fiction as visits to other planets, palpitation, and "technological miracles" like these.
Of course, the CONCLUSION IS OBVIOUS. All this is human culture. In these messages there is not a single drop of "alien culture".
These "aliens" talk a lot about our human culture and superstitions but NEVER tell us something ORIGINAL. Never.The conclusion to this is very simple:
The advanced and uninvited visitors from we don´t know where, either DO NOT EXIST or they DO NOT WANT TO COMMUNICATE WITH US.
That is why a few weeks ago I suggested some kind of mathematical as possible EVIDENCE of an alien culture in contact with us.
These aliens of course are not interested in helping us at all. They do not teach us how to cure cancer or any other illness. They just talk New Age non'sense...
The aliens not only are uninvited but illegal. Either they do not exist OR they laugh a lot of the messages of the contactees.
The whistleblowers are something different. These, always totally discredited, always talk about WHAT GOV. KNOWS. They worked with alien crafts and alien technology but they only have WORDS to give us, never, NEVER a little, nice ALIEN SCREW or NUT.

Think about all this.

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