Thursday, March 26, 2009

Asking Vichy to disclose Nazi's Agenda?

Dear friends of truth.

Vichy was the "capital" of Occupied France from 1940 to 1944. The "collaborationist" government of Vichy was the faithful interpreter of the the German Nazi Occupation will and purposes.
Now, let us consider this: The idea of asking the Vichy gov. to DISCLOSE Nazi plans and activities, would be totally ABSURD, right?
The analogy is obvious: The Earth "authorities" cannot stop the UNWANTED ALIEN OCCUPANT. Illegal Aliens invade our planet, abduct people ( including kids) dismember animals, occupy bases and who knows what more. We are, as Andrew says, the "farm" of the reps.

Consequently, human govs, are "Vichy govs" that collaborate with the occupant.
We can understand that to ASK these pro-occupation governments to DISCLOSE the agenda of the Invaders is either absurd or worst, PURE DISINFORMATION.
By the way, collaborationists always tell us that Invaders are a "liberation force"...gimme a break.



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