Sunday, March 29, 2009

Boylan and Webre's conflicting memes..!

Here is Eli's post in his UFO Tabloid blog:

Dr. Boylan, Crowned Councilor of Earth by the Star Nations, gave us this paramount information:
Star Nations foresees that President Obama will have his Administration bring the reality of Star Visitors, their presence and their communications "to the forefront for the public." This Government Acknowledgment will occur before New Year's Eve, 2010, but may happen as soon as sometime this year.
President Obama wants to move the public beyond the old UFO Cover-Up as soon as feasible. To this end the President has been in discussions with Vice-President Joe Biden on the matter of presenting UFO facts to the public.
The reason the President may not take action immediately is because he knows that the people are suffering in this severe global Depression, and he wants to attend to the people's basic needs and financial uncertainties "first and foremost".
Although Obama is in discussion with Vice-President Biden about clearing the air on the UFO subject, Star Nations foresees that Cabinet member Hillary Clinton will be a very big road block to his actions at disclosure. Hillary Clinton will be the Cabal's "point man" on blockading progress towards public disclosure. It is foreseen that Hillary will twist and maliciously distort what the President says to Biden, and what the Vice-President says to Obama about proceeding with the steps towards public acknowledgment of UFO reality. Hillary will try to get them into a fight with each other and to distrust each other.
Star Nations foresees that "ultimately Obama has the final say, as he knows that the people can handle the truth, after what they have handled for the last eight years" [Bush-Cheney Administration] .
The Cabal will also fight UFO disclosure by threats, offers of financial inducements (bribes), and psychological threats to certain members of the Cabinet. Star Nations does not necessarily foresee that any Cabinet officers will give in.
As already noted, the Cabinet Officer most to be watched will be Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She is Cabal all the way.
Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is in a key position for disclosure matters, and could be subject to Cabal pressure and disinformation to make him an adversarial voice against Disclosure because of the attendant exposure of "military secrets" that are actually Star Visitor stolen technology, and other embarrassing revelations.
The Secretary of Energy, Dr. Steven Chu, is former head of Lawrence Berkeley (Radiation) Laboratory, Berkeley, CA. Because of his professional contacts and ties with nuclear weapons officials and Department of Defense officers, and because the Dept. of Energy nominally controls the Cabal-infested Nevada Test Site-Area 51-Site S-4-Indian Springs Air Force Station complex, (which also includes extensive Star Visitor consultation facilities (as well as covert Star Visitor confinement jails), Secretary Chu may be pressured to block Disclosure because of the enormous black eye the Dept. of Energy will get when crimes committed at its Nevada installations by Cabal-infiltrator personnel become revealed.
There is some risk that Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, under whose DHS Department fall the Secret Service as well as FEMA and various anti-terrorism enforcement agencies, may be subjected to pressure also. The Cabal make seek to persuade her that there will be "rioting in the streets" if Disclosure of Star Visitor presence is made.
Though not a Cabinet Officer, whomever Obama picks as the Director of the National Security Agency (DIRNSA) will take over an agency which has been thoroughly infiltrated by the Cabal right up to and including its present Director, Lt. General Keith Alexander. It is interesting that apparently Obama has not replaced Alexander (yet). Perhaps Obama is going to let DIRNSA Alexander (deservedly) take the fall for all the evil and dirty actions done by the Cabal using military-intelligen ce assets, for example the operating of secret confinement installations for captive Star Visitors. After Lt. Gen. Alexander is properly blamed, (hopefully indicted), and removed from office, then President Obama can name a clean person to clean house at NSA of the Cabal filth and infiltrators.
The Star Nations message is that government public acknowledgment of Star Visitor reality, presence, and communication will begin in the next two years. Their future-viewings do not necessarily imply that every detail and aspect of Star Visitors-officials interactions over the last 60+ years will be brought out by December, 2010. Those fuller briefings may take longer.
in the light,
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
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