Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Contradictions on the Exopolitical model.

We will take a look at the contradictions in the Exopolitical model.
We have three basic elements working in it.

These are The ALIENS, the GOVERNMENT and the EXOS, demanding what they call a full DISCLOSURE.
The EXOS sell the image of "experts" who know what is going on, trough contactees, anonymous sources and whistleblowers.
The EXOS talk and write about secret contact between GOV. and ALIENS.
EXOS even sell the idea of a secret human history, and alien technology in the hands of the authorities.
The obvious CONTRADICTION is this one:
IF the Gov. is evil , conspirator, essentially anti-democratic BECAUSE of his secret alliance with the Aliens, THEN the Aliens also conspire to keep the close-up.
The cover-up is responsibility of BOTH the gov and the ETs.
ETs conspire with the Gov. to keep the secret, "ergo", Both, Aliens and Government are accomplices.
Evidently, the idea that the Gov. is "evil" and ETs are good becomes a total contradiction.

IF Aliens were "good" and "benevolent" with us, they would end the Close-up, with or without the Gov's authorization.
EXOS, who know so much about the aliens, should ask them to end the Close-up.
If, on the contrary, authorities remain silent, knowing that ETs are guilty of criminal acts like abductions, harassment and abuses, the idea of begging the Gov. to end the Cover-Up is ABSURD.
There is an Illicit Association between Gov. and ETs, and probably the Gov. is guilty of High Treason.
Is evident that the idea of "benevolent" aliens and malevolent Government is contradictory and absurd.

Also, a conciliatory concept like a few Aliens are perhaps bad, but most are good is also unsustainable, because in that case, neither the Gov, nor the benevolent ETs can control the criminal Aliens.

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