Monday, March 23, 2009


From Andrew Hennessey

Folks find it hard to grasp. Practitioners of skepticism and reason,
would-be allies and people of power may be persuaded. Influential thinkers may come on board. Politicians may represent - but alas the idea, the very idea appears to be a nonsense.

No-one with any attributes of reason can possibly buy into a Global
The why is easy - far too easy - for how can there possibly be one
controlling Cabal when the myriad of secret and secretive societies acting in total self-interest appear to be in total competition and often degrees of isolation from one another.

Pro-human activist David Icke publishes literally hundreds of different
conspiratorial organisations and factions.
Any fair minded human must be asking - well if they are all conspiring – how can they possibly represent one global idea, one global direction, one global interest.
How can they all recognise one another - there just cannot be memories big enough to embrace all the secret coding and communication systems between thousands of co-operating secret societies from global cultures. There would have to be a simple answer.

If all the players in those thousands of societies shared two simple
attributes we can identify them amongst the smoke and mirrors of their
social circuses.
And I think they do.
1. The ancient [reptilian/aryan] bloodlines are fully telepathic [unlike
their despised human clones and mimics] certainly this considerably eases their own burden of identification and communication.
2. They are anti-human, and anti-life, desolate.

The guy I have looked to to break the barriers down and get to the core of the conspiracy is David Icke.
David named and shamed the aliens within, he tore into their overt social structures, but then he seemed to hit the skids with frequencies and channelling.
Despite telepathy being skirted around as an effect of the global
conspiracy, he never identified it as THE central attribute of this global
Ariosophy speaks of the Edenic Aryan telepathic gland that degenerated in Humanity - why doesn't David ?
My next bit of news was that I heard David isn't much into soul and that he doesn't really go down that route. I would have to hear him say one way or the other - but certainly I can identify a lack of spiritual perspective in David's belief system.
It's re-incarnation and Telepathy that are central to every major thing we ever tore away from the secrecy of the vaults or the abductee chambers.
It is surely obvious that it is the reptoid powers of telepathy that are
scything away amongst the confusion of the 'sheeple'.
It is the one simple unifying theory of conspiracy that makes possible a Global force for genocide of the human species.
I enjoyed the Biggest Secret and heard a lot more of the same in Children of the Matrix, but neither book got to the dark heart of the issue.
Sure, us 'sheeple' are at a dense disadvantage, but we are noble souls
inhabiting a cumbersome overcoat.
The dark attributes of the reptoid mindset are Nihilism, Lunacy and
Pornography - they practise desolation to ruin our spirits and degrade our souls and we see evidence of that in all the ritual exposes that David bravely does.
The Fallen though are clearly plotting and we need to see the truth and hear it from our leading lights.
So please, David - believe in your soul and give the sheeple back their own telepathic voice, their birthright, by acknowledging that the Telepathic Conspiracy is actually The Biggest of All Secrets on this Planet.
The reptoids would run if the 'chattering monkeys' stopped chattering and all complained with the one powerful voice.
The monkeys don't yet know that they have a telepathic voice and influence thanks to millennia of reptoid misinformation about the acquisition of 'magical powers'.
Telepathy, however, is a simple bit of resonant order emerging as waves from the chaotic furnace that is our 'soul'.
Order truly would emerge out of chaos if we all realised that.

Andrew Hennessey
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