Friday, February 13, 2009

Dr. Salla, Leon Panetta and the " x-files"

More twisted interpretations and historical fiction

Dr. Salla in Examiner

My comment.
James Black: Yes, talk (or write) is cheap.. The idea is twisting anything and everything to serve an agenda.
On the contrary, not only Panetta will do NOTHING "weird" but he is a perfect YES man.
Besides, the repetition of a meme, in this case the so called X files, gives the idea that the existence of these files is a fact, and it is not such.
As usual, Exopolitics works with half-truths, rumors, unreliable "anonymous" sources, self proclaimed contactees and whistleblowers, and this has a purpose: making the whole UFO Phenomenon look absurd and ridiculous.
February 13, 4:35 PM

Emile post in P4C
What this means in Feinstein-ese, is without sacrificing SECRECY.

He will not cooperate with Disclosure.

That means, we have further work to do, to pull the Truth out of the
pile of Myths and Fables where it lies hidden.

Emily Cragg
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