Monday, February 2, 2009

Conspiratorial Paranoia: Contradictions they face.

There are several problems that conspirationists face. Let us see the nature of these problems.
Someone writes that NASA pics of Mars are faked, because the government doesn't want you to learn that there is intelligent life on Mars.

Very nice, but...IF this is true, THEN not only NASA is in the cover-up. Every magazine, every University, every astronomer, every scientist belongs to the "cabal".

This, of course, implies that there is a TOTAL CONTROL over the gov., the Media, even the Internet.
Consequently, only a couple of Lawyers tell the truth about Intelligent life in Mars. The rest of the world either belongs to the Cabal OR they are repressed.
But...if the repression is so massive...why those few EXOS are totally free to write and tell us what they say they "know"?

Needless is to say that any rational person will see these massive contradictions.
If what they say is true, the whole world is a giant conspiracy, and if they think so, well...they need a doctor as soon as possible.

( PD: Attacking me is just the "ad hominem" fallacy that shows that they have no answers, so they choose personal attack.)

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