Saturday, February 7, 2009

Exopolitics as Vaudeville

My comment to Salla's article.

It's amazing and even pathetic.
Again and again the same rumors and factoids, the "many witnesses" of the alleged( word of Dr.Salla)encounter Eisenhower-Aliens.
Unbelievable this submissive imploring to the State for the Revelation of the big ET Secrets..!
Exopolitics is just Politics. Less than politics. Is now reduced to anecdotal trivia and gossiping.
Is this the preparation for contact?
What's going on here?
Day after day, month after month, the Exopoliticians will implore the Big Brother to reveal the Secret of Secrets.
Exopolitics then, becomes anecdotal trivia.
I must correct myself. Exopolitics not only transforms Human History into Science fiction (class c.)
Exopolitics makes Human History a Vaudeville.
People deserves something better than this.
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