Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Good Aliens Only" in P4C.

In a patronizing attitude, Salla reprimands "his flock". Looks like no resentments against Negative ETs. will be tolerated. The Agenda has changed. There are only "nice Aliens" here. Star brothers. There are no abductions, no abuses.
Let me tell you this: the new "politics " of the P4C Dictator, has NOTHING TO DO with Aliens.
It has to do with manipulations of the public opinion.
Of course, Salla wants also to sell his Bolivia tourism, his courses of Galactic Diplomacy and his books of historical fiction presented as fact.
All this nonsense has sense for the believers ONLY if Aliens are nice people, and want to have diplomatic relations with us.
Exopolitics doesn't exist IF we think that Aliens are "bad".
What should be done?
Several things:
Do NOT post in P4C.
Do NOT buy Books, Courses, Pseudo-Initiations.
Create your own groups, where there will be no limitations of free expression.
Below one of the Open Letters to Salla.
More about this latter, people.
No to the Brainwashing
No to the UFO Profiters.

"Dear Dr. Salla,

As a now silent member of your group, I'm writing out of respect to
your originating vision for this group.

I joined p4c some time ago because of a sincere desire to learn what I
could about what was known about extraterrestrials. Other than to receive your
occasional emails, I've long since stopped paying attention to the p4c group list
for the very reason you just brought up. Endless unfounded debate, bickering and
members taking each other to task for one assertion or another, one view or another.

And my original reason for joining, getting genuine first hand
information, even better, remarks by your learned self, seemed to be scarce to non-existent.
I have since found more objective, information oriented forums. The temptation to post pure
opinion or just vent is pretty overwhelming at times with almost anyone and has shown up in
almost all open forums on sensitive subjects.

After trying many, the only set up I wish to participate with now are more heavily moderated.
I'm not much interested in opinion, unless it is from someone extremely educated or
experienced in the area. I prefer venus where people are encouraged to post
their first hand experiences and impressions of it, and no posting of opinion or response to it other
than to ask clarifying questions are allowed. In other words, where submissions are limited to
genuine testimonies and questions/clarifications about that, period. The only other submissions
allowed would be from those with some baseline expert status engaged in comparative studies of
these testimonies who willing to post their objective reports of their analyses.

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