Thursday, February 5, 2009

Exopolitics, Science and Religion

Dear people, let me share with you some thoughts.

Ufological research must include the analysis of the different human reactions to the UFO phenomenon. That's why I want to suggest some ideas concerning Exopolitics, UFO Cults, and pseudoscience.
There is a clear difference between Boylan's rhetoric and Exopolitics.
What Boylan created is a Cult, a religion of the so called Star Brothers.
If you read the messages in Boylan's forum UFO facts, you will see that people do not ask compromising questions. They just have "faith" in the word of of Boylan and Wendy.
If Boylan tells them that the Altimarians are there, working for the salvation of Earth, they will BELIEVE without conditions in the Guru's word.
More, the true believers of Boylan's mythology, we show themselves submissive, grateful, selected between many, and more important, through meetings they will "spread the word"
They will prepare star kids to make miracles, etc.
As you can see, the Boylan movement doesn't need any more to give any evidence. They are now a Cult, just Faith in what the Councilor of Earth says will be enough for the Flock guided by the Good Shepherd.

Exopolitics is not the same. Exopolitics tries (without exit) to use the rhetoric of science. Here we can find the reason of the crisis in forums like P4C.
The exopolitical proyect prettends to sell their mythology dressed as science and real knowledge. This project is condemned to failure, why?
Salla or Webre must give something that looks serious to keep the scientific appearance.
Exopoliticians must SHOW a pic. of Mars to tell us that there is an Intelligent Civilization on the red planet.
Boylan doesn't need such thing. Wendy writes that Asheoma told her about the magnificent cities in Mars and that is...enough..! the true believers do NOT need a pic to believe.

That is why we think that Exopolitics has two options: Either they transform their rhetoric into a Cult, or their clients will loose interest, and worst will fight between them in a psychological environment EMPTY of ideas and emotional content.

Remember please: your ideas are always welcome, even if they are critical.)

Fraternally James

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