Monday, February 16, 2009

Nothing "X" in the Canadian UFO documents.

Canada release of UFO files shows us what serious Ufology is.
"a number of investigations of the reports suggest the possibility of UFOs exhibiting some unique scientific information or advanced technology which could possibly contribute to scientific or technical research."
The "X" is just a touch of dramatization, since there is nothing "X" in these documents.
Just compare the Canadian and British UFO files with the Exopolitical discourse.
Canadian and British documents ARE the disclosure.
What else can we expect?
If what we want is science-fiction, we must read the papers of self-proclaimed "gurus", contactees, mystics and "experts".
They do not need Evidences. They only need Imagination and "anonymous sources".
The Canadian UFO documents reflect what we know, or better, what we don't know about the UFO Phenomenon.

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