Thursday, February 26, 2009

What's going on in Exopolitics

Several things are going on, and I will try an objective approach to write about this.
The Exopoliticians , now enrolled in the "all ETs are good" party, are totally dedicated to a lost cause.
Their efforts are oriented to implore the Obama Administration to perform what they call the disclosure.
Pathetic and anxious, those exos, as brides the day before their wedding...
Of course, as any rational person knows, the last thing that worries the Obama administration is the hypothetical end of the cover up.
That is all there is.
By the way, it is possible that Dr.Salla's idea of building a nice little Boylanesque Cult is condemned to failure.
Salla from the beginning, promoted some kind of Academic, "dramatic " approach, and a mystic conversion will not be easy for him and less for Webre. His books of Historical Fiction will need a complete revision.
Besides, Boylan and his Scarlet Women (see Crowley) have the "de facto" control of the Star Brothers mythology.
We must follow carefully the steps of Andrew, whose Xenopolitics will have a strong input. Andrew is very active writing and is very intelligent.
Also, we must recognize that Andrew wrote that it was possible to consider his FARM THEORY AS IF it were true. Meaning that he recognizes the Farm Theory as an hypothesis of work. Bravo..!
Something more: Dr. Greer is from the beginning in the "All ET are good" party, so the truth is that Salla has nothing new to say.
As in the beginning of Ufology, everybody will talk about Sightings...there is nothing new under the Sun...
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