Friday, February 13, 2009

Personal abuse: the "Ad Hominem" fallacy

The ad hominem fallacy, or personal abuse involves a gratuitous and irrelevant attack or slur on a person's character. An attack which is irrelevant to the substance of the debate or discussion.
This thing works like this: Mrs X, shows that a statement is absurd, illogic in her view, and ask for some evidence that could give credibility to that statement.
The responsible for that statement has NO EVIDENCES. Cannot demonstrate that what he says is True.
Consequently, he attacks Mrs. X, call her names, points that she is a divorcee, a debunker, a psyop. This doesn't answer the questioning of Mrs. X.
This is the Ad Hominem fallacy. Those who have no Evidences of what they say, usually practice the Ad Hominem fallacy.
Let me give another example: a lady tells us that aggressive aliens abducted her, consequently, these are bad aliens because the experience was negative for her. She was abused by these Aliens.
Instead of giving an answer to this, the fallacious tells the lady that she needs some "healing".
Of course, the lady' statement is correct. If Aliens abduct people, then these aliens are negative to us.
The personal attack is to send the abductee to the doctor. This is not an answer, on the contrary it evades the answer with the Ad Hominem fallacy.


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