Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Exopolitics: From Contact to Crystals.

The good old "New Age" after all. What else?
There are words, only words about other words. Exotalking.
In the end, NOTHING happens, so what remains is some new age chat.
The Non-Humans smile (if they have mouth)
After millenniums we do NOT know, who or what they are, where they come from, what they want.
This is what we must learn if possible, or perhaps is to late?
Exopolitics is a pseudo-science because there is NO ANSWER from the other side.
NON-HUMANS are not interested and never were interested in diplomatic contact.
The beekeeper has no diplomatic contact with the bees.
Salla is now into crystals4contac.

"Dr Michael Salla"

Hello Mary, anyone who dismisses the relevance of crystals for ET
contact is really going to struggle when it comes to open contact.
Crystals are wonderful way of helping the body deal with the more
intense frequencies associated with ETs. Crystals have the most
structured natural array of atoms that we know of, and help the body
greatly harmonize given the chaotic nature of most people's lives.
Peoples minds and bodies are often far too disorganized, even chaotic
which is where dis-ease comes in. Crystals have a powerful way to help
focus our minds, an essential ingredient for health and for ET contact.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with crystals. There are far too
many who throw in uninformed opinions about the natural tools around
us to prepare for ET contact.

Aloha, Michael. S.

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