Friday, February 6, 2009

Michael Horn comments Webre´s article

Michael Horn:
As the U.S. representative for the only scientifically proven, still ongoing UFO contact case, allow me to say that this political/"exopolitical" silliness just demonstrates why we're stuck regarding this issue. The whole focus on bureaucratic protocols and "political" procedures, as well as this nonsensical talk about "relations with extraterrestrials", is a distraction that perfectly lends itself to abuse, disinformation and manipulation.

We don't have any relations with extraterrestrials. they aren't walking around, working for any governments, hiding out in Area 51, etc. nor are they in contact with anyone...with one exception. As a matter of fact, just reading this article, liberally infused with all sorts of official sounding names and terms, is in itself, a perfect example of the form over substance machinations of those members of the so-called "UFO community" who fancy themselves to be not only extremely knowledgeable but actually qualified to pontificate on these matters.

Take this gem, "Whom do the extraterrestrials want to deal with when it comes to open public interest diplomacy?" which posits a couple of daffy notions. First, they've already answered that question by maintaining contacts with one man...for the last 67 years. Secondly, it's any form of "diplomacy" - a fancy human word for "lying" - that they have specifically eschewed...and warned us against perpetuating. Since when was telling the straight, simple truth so difficult? Rhetorical, of course, it's human history and while our author here is concerned about official obfuscation, he wants to perpetuate it through..."diplomacy".

And do we even need to point out that spreading unsubstantiated tales about "extraterrestrials that may have entered into secret technology transfer and genetic farming (abduction) agreements with the U.S. government in the early 1950s, etc." is just more of the conspiratorial, tail-chasing disinformation and distraction that we're supposedly trying to get rid of?

Now, all of that being said, of course uncovering the truth about the UFO phenomenon - and the REASONS behind it - are very worthy goals. But since the Meier contacts are not only still ongoing in Switzerland but the INFORMATION they've been providing to Meier - for nearly 70 years - is being corroborated again and again, such as Meier scooping NASA - by 32 years! - regarding the discoveries of water, hostile environment and life on Mars by 32 years. Please note what I have said and check it, for free, nothing to buy or believe.

How's about the earthquake in China now being tied to a huge dam there? Well, Meier published warnings about that, and other causes for the still coming mega-quakes, in 1951 and 1976, as well as more recently. Again, go check it out. And check out the warning about a mega-quake and tsunami that will hit off the coast of well as numerous other, and some still possibly avoidable, events.

Now, there will be plenty of (usually anonymous, always unqualified) people who will trot out the old noise about a Meier "hoax" and, naturally, be completely unable to substantiate it. But what's important is that each interested person determine - for themselves - whether the Meier contacts are the biggest, most impenetrable hoax, or the most important story in human history. There's really nothing in between.

And maybe, just maybe, the good folks at "exopolitics" might like to be among the first to investigate and publicly declare their position on it, for what it's worth.
February 6, 5:29 PM

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