Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Proud of this message.

A friend sent me this message. I am proud of having these friends, so proud that I want to share this with you, people.
I have no Agenda other than Truth.
I am not in the UFO-"spiritualist" market.
After decades of research in the field, I am convinced that the complexity of the UFO Phenomenon is greater than the EXO rhetoric.
This rhetorics is, I think does not give answers at all.
What Exos give us is "more of the same" discredited, unreliable, empty affirmations.
Also, I think that all this 'pseudo-mystic" discourse serves the interest of those who want to keep the good minds out of serious ufological research.
I believe that the UNEXPLAINED phenomenon is with us from the beginnings of our history.
I believe that there are probably non-human intelligences behind the UFO enigma.
These entities are not foes, nor friends. They are mischievous and detached.
I think that we DO NOT KNOW who "they" are or what they want from us, if something.
Generalizing, there is nothing "alien" in contactees messages. These are a blend of New Age, XIX Century Occultism and religious elements, all of this very human indeed.
Last but not least I saw UFOs twice and interviewed with witnesses of different ages and very different cultural levels, from pilots to illiterate farm workers.

Thanks to all of you for your interest. The message below:

"Dear James,

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your recent messages (which I thank you for) and very much look forward to receiving more. You have a fresh, honest, frank and open manner - something oftentimes lacking elsewhere. Overinflated attitudes and big personalities invariably cloud clear judgement on these matters and it will be light relief to escape from the bickering I have experienced elsewhere on the web regarding these topics.

I may be unable to contribute great insights from a scientific, political or revolutionary angle, but am always happy to share those things I have actually experienced myself and seen with my own two eyes. I am a relative amateur in this field and remain humbled by some of the extraordinary experiences of others I have crossed paths with, yourself included.

So in closing, I am very pleased to meet you and look forward to more from RationalUfology. I have every intention of joining the yahoo mailing group to stay up to speed and look forward to hearing from you again in the near future.

With warmest regards and 'bonne continuation' as they say here in France!

Best, ..."

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