Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Conspiracy: my answer to a friend.

A friend of us wrote me the following message:

I would be just a tad more open minded about the NASA thing......there is more than speculation about the modification of photographs ...... there are several instances of communication confusion between NASA and other Agencies....this lends itself to questions of reasonable doubt that there is something askew in the graphics of several photographs released to the public.....Also, there was an experiment conducted by NASA that released a "teather", even though this is public knowledge it is not a well known item....This "teather" disintegrated after being bombarded with electrical energy ..... not saying that NASA as whole is complicit in guilt but there are components that are receiving higher commands from somewhere??????
Do you know where?

This is my answer

Douglas, thanks for your interest.
If you read again my message, you will find that I deny the idea of a massive, international conspiracy. Franklin said once that for three men to keep a secret, two should be dead. I don't believe in that NASA conspiracy and even less I believe that the whole scientific community conspires to keep such things as intelligent life on Mars, ETs befriending the governments, and the rest of the absurdities that EXOS feed us daily.
No, after 4 decades of research I am convinced that there is not such Conspiracy.
More, I do not believe that a secret few can manipulate NASA in such a way.
I am convinced that the gov. cover-up exist: what they keep under secret is that they DON"T KNOW. They cannot recognize this, because the recognition is in itself a security problem.
The whole mythology of contact between Aliens and Gov. is exactly what the authorities need.
Let a couple of lawyers, some hysterical women and men, charlatans, and opportunists tell us that they KNOW??!! what Science doesn't.
This is magnificent to keep the good minds alienated from the UFO Enigma.

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