Wednesday, June 25, 2008

DR. Salla: Banned are those who demand EVIDENCES.

Dr Michael Salla's post in his group p4c, threatening those who ask for Evidences, is not only a monstrosity, but a historic precedent. In Exopolitics there is no more difference between FACT and FICTION.
For Salla, we must end (in his own words) "the folly of seeking hard evidence in the fields of Ufology/exopolitics given the constraints imposed by national security agencies that
intervene to remove, distort such evidence and suporting documents."

But in p4c, some members required evidences of a personal video, and this has NOTHING TO DO with the government.
What the Doctor wants is to DENY THE RIGHT TO DOUBT. His own words let no doubt about this:

"Those 'harassing' experiencers for more incontrovertible

evidence will be placed on moderation until they find more productive ways of communicating. "

In other words, If someone takes a picture of a lizard in his garden and says that this is the reptilian that abused the girl next door, Dr. Salla will punish those who demand some evidence.
What is the historic precedent here? .
Dr. Salla destroyed any difference between FICTION and FACT.
If nobody can ask for any evidence, then what is called "Exopolitics" is just a joke. Is good material only for tabloids.
But it is a dangerous joke because is also DISINFORMATION.


'In an age of deceit, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act'
....George Orwell
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