Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cosmic Watergate?

We read some exo-fantasists talking about a dramatic public event, a Cosmic Watergate that ends the Cover-Up
We disagree.
First of all because for 90 % of people, Aliens are no big deal. Aliens belong to the pop culture, and we see them in games, films, jokes, commercials and clothes.
Most important, the Alien contacts seems to be a PERSONAL experience and probably it will never be a social, public event.
In the last days, the Vatican opening, and the UK files show that things will not have the dramatic characteristics that Exogurus need.
Obviously the EXOPOLITICS and other similar exos, need to keep the "clients" interested and waiting. If they recognize that the Alien Contacts is a personal, spiritual, experience, their business just collapses.
The wonderful thing here is that NOBODY knows more. The Alien contact has nothing to do with diplomas, certificates and academic or pseudo-academic titles.
You only need to be a Human Being.
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