Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Free, Independent UFO Research Local Groups

Ed Komarek suggestion about local Exopolitical Groups is possitive, and Ed's answer to Salla, is very clear and concrete.
Dr. Salla was worried about a possible Advisory Board, but let us read what Komarek answers to this:

"I am thinking that local folks in each state will figure out amongst themselves how they want to run and organize their state operation irrespective of national and global exopolitical leaders. There is sure to be shifting alliances between local groups and exopolitical leaders depending on circumstances. I say do things your way for Hawaii and I will keep out of it and the same for Arizona. As long as the groups are credible and effective I have no trouble minding my own business and will just offer support."

Exopolitical Local Groups will be INDEPENDENT. This is perfectly right since NOBODY knows more about the so called Exopolitics. The presumed exopolitical Advisors are self-proclaimed individuals.
The Advisory Board is something like the Leninist " democratic centralism" that kept the whole soviet power in the hands of a Communist Elite and then in the hands of Stalin.
I don't know if Komarek's idea will work, but these local, independent groups will REPRESENT the ideas of the people and will evolve. Perhaps the Exopolitical groups will become Ufological Research Groups.
Ed writes"

"Maybe there will be more than one exopolitics group in a state and that would be okay by me also. There is room for your approach as well as mine. Lets see if both approaches will work and let the local people sort things out over time. The whole this to get people involved and active then let them sort things out for themselves. I think Steve would agree with me on this."

Independent local groups have also another positive option. They give to any one the right to know and learn. Not many people have enough money to enjoy the Hawaiian shores and "learn" Exopolitics.

'In an age of deceit, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act'
....George Orwell


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