Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Authoritarian Failure.

Dr. Salla went wrong again, but his errors teach us a lot.

Supposedly Mr Chom was talking about Jewels when he /she wrote "winderer". This is enough for Salla to condemn him as a psy-op that must be excommunicated . He uses his classical authoritarian rhetoric :

"Chomsky's substituting of one p4c member's name with another is both unethical and deceptive, and clearly intended to stoke confusion and strife among those following the exchanges on this list. Chomsky's action is evidence that s/he is part of a psy-op trying to disrupt the prepare4contact forum. I warn other members on this list not to believe what ChomSky claims that I or others have said due to the deceptive practice of substituting names, and thereby changing the intent of passages. ChomSky will henceforth be barred from the p4c forum."

But what is important here is to learn about Salla's previous exchange with Chom: Let us see what he says:

" I have just posted a message outlining my policy on the evidence issue. In the past wynderer(jewels) has shown little desire to share hard evidence, especially when confronted to do so as you are doing. I suggest a different strategy. Perhaps getting her to give a timeline of her
experiencers to see how consistent her testimonies are. That is a more fruitful line of inquiry given the wynderer(jewels) doesn't respond well to confrontational tactics.Just because she doesn't share what she has or provide anything to support her claims, doesn't invalidate them.
Aloha, Michael S."

Of course Salla is talking about Jewels, but that shows that he advices Chom to use "
a different strategy " with Jewels as a "line of inquiry"
, because she "does not respond well to confrontational tactics".
Then the Exopolitician says this : "
Just because she doesn't share what she has or provide anything to support her claims, doesn't invalidate them."

Reading this, Jewels, Wynderer and many other people will see that Salla is giving Chomsky the "right strategy to" confront them.

What's the lesson of all this?
The lesson is that Salla has a group that works like a Magazine, with people who write a lot. Of course, all this free contributions are not taken into account when Salla sells his product. The writers are "free" for him.
I think that those who make business with the Internet should consider to pay the contributions of so many people.
Particularly when we consider ourselves "groupowners".
A foolish thing, since the real owner of yahoo groups is yahoo...

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