Tuesday, June 24, 2008

UFOs and Profiters

How spiritual...Enlightened contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence..!

2008 Science Spirit & World Transformation Conference

  • Come Participate in the 2008 Science, Spirit & World Transformation Conference. The Event will take place July 4-6, 2008 at the ECETI Ranch. This Year's Event Will Be Unlike Any Other.

  • "The Science, Spirit and World Transformation Conference is like no other conference. The speakers are cutting edge heart and service oriented people bringing forward timely and empowering messages to aid in the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. Where else can you attend a conference held at a vortex, a paranormal and UFO hotspot known by many sensitives and adepts for its healing and spiritual qualities. Each evening there will be a Sky Watch to experience the ongoing UFO activity along with the opportunity to commune and meditate with the wonderful energies at the Sanctuary. It is a life changing experience."
As you rea d above these are all service oriented people...service oriented.

For information call 509.395.2092
or visit

but something is wrong here...they are service oriented men and women, but people who doesn't have $25 plus other $270 for the enlightening conference, just will not be enlightened...Please read what follows.
The truth is one and only one: "follow the money"

Camping 25 Dollar Donation.
  • Limited seating and the expenses do not allow refunds if you cannot attend consider it a donation.

  • Conference Admission $270.00 US

My advice? Do some Google. You will find the same things free. Help UFO Research. Create free groups. No more profiters. No more marketing.
'In an age of deceit, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act'
....George Orwell

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