Monday, September 9, 2013

Jacques Vallee and the present crisis in the UFO subculture.

As a conclusion of his book “Revelations. Alien Contact and Human Deception”, Jacques Vallee defines the present crisis in Ufology. He writes:
“As long as our debates and disputes had to do with the interpretation of data, with the analysis of sightings and claims, our disagreements were the natural, healthy expression of opposing viewpoints.
But we have entered in a very different era today. Even the character assassinations, the outright lies, the ugly rumors that are now flying among the UFO groups could perhaps be forgiven as the desperate expression of people who have run out of rational arguments. But there is worse: today the traumas, the emotion of witnesses are shameless exploited in support of preconceived theories.”

Jacques Vallee is right and things are even worst now in the UFO community. His book was published in 1988.
Each year, the professionals of best selling nonsense must produce new lies, new justification for the nothing happens syndrome.
The French researcher remembers us in this excellent book, that in the 50’s the UFO community believed that the end of the cover-up and final disclosure were “imminent”.
Sixty years later, the “insiders” keep talking about the imminence of such disclosure again and again. As usual, they are always wrong.

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