Monday, September 30, 2013

The world of ETH believers and "infidels".

Perhaps you believe that there are some extraterrestrial civilizations here, in our planet, visiting us or protecting us from self-destruction, or controlling us. Perhaps you think that there are good and bad aliens, something like angels and demons. Bad aliens (or perhaps even the good ones) conspire with the government to keep their presence secret and this is walled the cover up. If the government and the whole scientific establishment find that it’s time to tell the truth, they will show these aliens and this opening is called disclosure.

This idea is basically called the ETH. (Extraterrestrial hypothesis) though the definition of hypothesis is  a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation, but some experts in the UFO phenomenon just give the extraterrestrial existence and presence as a fact.

Of course you are free to believe that ETs exist or that the ETH is a strong possibility. You have the perfect right to believe what you want or what you think is true.

The problem comes when somebody with the same rights you have, says that he/she doesn’t believe in the ETH, and that there are not clear and undeniable evidences that confirm the presence of Extraterrestrial civilizations on our planet.
You will perhaps be surprised by the reaction of the experts in ETs, cover-ups and conspiracy theories.
They will react violently and call the non-believer a paid debunker, psy-op, black operative, government agent, stupid, ignorant and who knows what else.
It’s possible that you will find this brutal reaction excessive. What’s going on here? Why criminalize those who just think differently?

Let me suggest you an answer for your question: They are protecting their business. Money is the problem. They want to SELL books, desert meetings (UFO tourism.) lectures, congresses, you name it…
These self-proclaimed experts in UFOs, ETs, Aliens, Conspiracies, Disclosure and pseudo-sciences make a living with this mythology. Some of them are also are into a big ego trip.

They believe in what sells well.

Perhaps you agree with what I say, or perhaps you don’t, but there is nothing wrong with having different beliefs. The real problem comes when the “expert” writes a book that sells well, even if this same book has nothing to do with TRUTH.

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