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About the ideas of Richard Dolan

In the Skeptics guide to the Universe forum the Ideas of Richard Dolan are in discussion. My comments between texts in bold
One of the participants writes what follows:
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I'll sum him up for you.

Smart guy who believes stupid things without evidence.
This is in fact contradicted below. Perhaps Richard Dolan is a smart guy, but I don’t think he believes in those stupid things he says and writes. To think that the professionals of the UFO-ET galaxy of memes believe in what they say, we need evidences and we have no evidences of such thing. Mythological Ufology is a business and the mythologists are sellers, show men, not believers.
Does the same mental and cognitive gymnastics other believers do.
Probably he is doing marketing instead of mental gymnastics.
Has some notoriety now because of some books, TV appearances on SciFi Channel, and now his own radio program.
So now that he's economically invested in the nonsense he will defend his cash cow and discount any disconfirming evidence as part of a conspiracy.
Also true, now the “believer” is protecting his business, and this has nothing to do with belief. On the contrary, believers usually are not good sellers.
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For a guy who majored in history he sure seems incredibly ignorant about history. The UFOlogists have been saying the government will disclose the existence of extraterrestrials on Earth any day now since the 70s.
Richard Dolan is professor of Ufology in the Metaphysical University (online) and it is difficult to imagine what is that this man teaches if something. By the way, this fantasists are telling and writing that the disclosure is imminent since the 50’s
Did anybody else watch it all? It's hilarious. They declare aliens are here then start making shit up about what is going to happen as if it were an undisputed fact.
That’s the trick. Richard Dolan even wrote a book called “After Disclosure”. The fallacy of giving the extraterrestrial existence and presence in our planet as a fact is what keeps the show going on. Probably Dolan knows this and that is why now is hunting ghosts, whose inexistence is older than the aliens’ inexistence.
I am totally convinced that the UFO mythologists with well organized business are those who know that there will never be a disclosure since there is no such thing as a cover-up.

It is difficult to say what truth is, but sometimes it is easy to recognize falsehood." -Albert Einstein

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