Friday, September 20, 2013

Andy Basiago: a time travel show in the Triad Theater.

Yelm’s Triad Theater is opening its space up to a time traveler.
We all travel (forward) in time, but Seattle attorney Andrew Basiago declared that as a child he partook in experiments that allowed him to travel backward through time to experience such events as Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address.
Basiago even claims a boy in a photograph of a crowd around President Lincoln is himself.
The event is 6:30 p.m. Sept. 22-23 at the Triad Theater, 102 Yelm Ave. S.E. Cost is $30 per night or $50 for both nights.
A VIP meet and greet, which includes wine, appetizers and priority seating, is 5-6 p.m Sunday and costs an additional $20.
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Now, my own Theatre of the Absurd
I was thinking about these time and space jumpers, and perhaps they are secretly time-jumping today…who knows?
A reliable but anonymous source told me that it’s not easy to stop jumping once you begin, and that in some way, the whole thing is out of control.
This individual told me that in one of those time- trips he met his father. Curiously he could see his progenitor but the last one couldn’t see the son, because he was unborn, as a result, my anonymous but reliable source found himself between existence and nonexistence as a living unborn, and this understanding produced him a violent shock since his father was at the same time, a living dead.
My source told me also that while time-jumping, it was forbidden to play lotto knowing the winning number.
I think that time jumpers live in some kind of twilight zone.
By the way isn’t true that some racists and reactionary white supremacists wanted to jump back in time to 1861 and give General Lee some AK 47 and missiles. This sinister manipulation would have given the victory to the Confederate   Armies.

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