Thursday, September 5, 2013

The whole world conspires..!

The idea that there can be experts in Ufology, particularly those behind the idea of extraterrestrials in our planet, is not only preposterous but absurd. No more absurd however, than the matching idea of Exopolitics, that is the “science” of political and diplomatic contacts with those absolutely nonexistent ETs.
To talk about Exopolitics is like proclaiming other pseudo-disciplines like Ghost-politics, Angel-politics or PinkFlyingElephants-politics. However all those disciplines should be considered seriously by the self promoted paranormal experts.
Probably in any asylum we will find hundreds of these Exos talking and sharing ideas with Angels, Ghosts Aliens, Gods and Pink Flying Elephants.
Please remember that everything can be justified by the Universal Conspiracy.
All the governments, United Nations, the scientific establishment, observatories, space agencies and Universities conspire to deny the TRUTH.
However five or perhaps six experts know well that there are extraterrestrials on this planet Earth.
Now, the rule is that the whole world is wrong and those six…or even seven Exopoliticians and Paranormal Researchers are right. On the other hand, I believe you should not buy their books and lectures about Galactic Diplomacy. If the conspiracy is universal and the exo-mythologists only a few, perhaps they are also into the conspiracy. Remember that anything is possible in the EXO business and…the show must go in.

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