Tuesday, September 17, 2013

About the inevitable crisis in the UFO-ET Industry.

UFO-Extraterrestrials Mythology is an industry and needs to protect its markets as any business does. For that reason, lack of evidences is mostly solved by the conspiracy theories.
However, there are certain rules even for imaginary conspiracies. Apparently, the biggest conspiracies produce more justifications to the nonsense rhetoric.

For example, let us see how the ET fantasists work with the conspiracy theories. The idea is that extraterrestrials are here, but most of the world’s governments and the whole scientific establishment conspire to deny the ET presence to the public. Now this is very useful for the exo-fantasists, because anyone making questions or demanding evidences is characterized as an agent provocateur working for the big cover-up.
For those who pretend those extraterrestrial civilizations are present in our world and in contact with governments, there are no legitimate questions, doubts or different points of view. On the contrary, all those questioning exofantasists definitions of reality are condemned as sinister operatives or called ignorants.

Obviously the conspiracy theories protect the markets and keep the believers passive, but there are some problems about this. In a society where there are no secrets and the Italian philosopher Gianni Vattimo called the Transparent Society, nobody can guarantee that the presence of ETs can be kept secret. At least this is not possible through the regular systems of information control.
Consequently, the imaginary conspiracy must have supernatural elements. The cabal is pyramidal and the big controllers are practically supernatural, and here is when religious fantasies are helpful. In the end, Lucifer will be the conspiracy big chief.

As a result of all these inventions, it is more and more impossible to pretend to be Scientists, and the ET mythologists become paranoid mystics. (This will also affect the intellectual composition of the believers’ groups.)
The ufologists’ narrative will become primitive and absurd, and intelligent people interested in the UFO phenomenon will be repealed by such paranoid and pseudo-religious garbage.
This situation puts the “ET experts” in a difficult situation: they are forced to re-invent the ET visitors every day, and also to keep their conspiracy memes alive and credible.

Something else: The discredited whistle-blowers can be protected for some time by the omnipotent cover-up, but not forever. Governments are worried only about true whistle-blowers, and these have nothing to do with the paranormal “revelations”.
 UFO self proclaimed experts tell the public that the disclosure is imminent but sixty years of “imminence” is too much, don’t you think?
Rational individuals understand the obvious: there is no disclosure simply because there is nothing to disclose.
Selling the UFO-ET-CONSPIRACY mythology was easier in the 50’s and 60’s, but now perhaps it’s time to change the show.

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