Monday, September 23, 2013

Richard Dolan's pictures & The DISCLOSURE MYTH

There is something we can always find in the web, also known as virtual reality. Know what it is? Yes..! You are right, is the face of Richard Dolan. There are hundreds, nor thousands of Dolan’s pics.
What’s going on? Either the self proclaimed UFO expert believes that he is beautiful, or some told him his picture sells books.

Let me tell you what I think about this virtual narcissism: Richard believes that the powers that be will give him a nice disclosure if he keeps his photos on the family album.
After all, for more than 60 years the UFO profiteers are telling us that disclosure is imminent..!

The big problem the government has is this one: since there is no such thing as an UFO-ET cover up, obviously there is nothing to disclose.
However it’s possible that end if the matter is near: The “experts” in extraterrestrial visitors find a better job. They become tired of seeing their own pictures and writing the same UFO book again and again.

They are suddenly enlightened and see the emptiness of the whole ETH thing. They understand once and for all that there will be no disclosure simply because there is nothing to disclose.
I included the following link just because I have a question: Who these people think they are for “educating the Humanity?”

Tomas Scolarici

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