Friday, September 13, 2013

Adventures in Time Jumping: The Meeting..!

Let me tell you a couple of things. First about a harmless accident Basiago, the time jumper have had when he was doing time jumping and space jumping for CIA.
Some apparently reliable sources told us that the time machine worked faster this time and created a quantum accident. (Quantum sound nice, isn’t it?) Since time paradoxically worked faster than usual time for the time machine, Andy Basiago was forced to stop in time, (approx. 1127-29 A.C.) and wait…YES, wait for Basiago.
After a few seconds of millennia, Andy Basiago met himself and everything was OK again.   
On the contrary, in other time jump experience, again for some quantum differences and problems in the hyper-time space, Andy remained lost in time-space while Andy was already in 1492 with Christopher Columbus in “Puerto de Palos”, Spain.

The quantum problem was fixed following some Tesla’s suggestions and Andy meet Andy in time.  

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