Wednesday, September 11, 2013

TIME is the worst enemy of the EXO-FANTASISTS.

If you think about UFO fans as a community you are wrong. On the contrary, since each EXO-fantasist is forced to reinvent the whole ET-UFO thing; automatically he/she will contradict the inventions of other individuals that also want to make some money or just an Ego trip with the deteriorated UFO memes.
Of course, given that each “Ufology expert” twists the ETH myth at will, any rational individual understands that they are not writing or talking about objectively existent entities. On the contrary, the narrative of each of the experts is totally subjective and contradictory.

These opposing and conflicting views explain why the Exo-fantasists point the finger at each other aggressively.
These women and men are isolated not only from the real world but from the rest of the “community”.
They all however have something in common.
All of them talk about the UFO phenomenon without recognizing that 90 % of the sightings are identified as natural phenomena, manmade artifacts or hoaxes.
For the exo-mythologists the big conspiracy is a must. The cover-up justifies everything, and year after year in the last six decades, the disclosure is imminent, but never happens.
Consequently, the UFO experts have a big enemy and it’s TIME.
Since nothing happens and since there are no evidences confirming what they say, ufologists must talk and write not about what happens but about what doesn’t. Is what I call the NHS, the Nothing Happens Sindrome.
Always they are confronted with the truth that there are no facts and no events, and because of this, the exo-mythologists go into the paranormal, New Age, ghosts hunting and haunting houses. Even into auto-proclaimed psychic healers.

The show must go on. The extraterrestrials are never present. Massive nonsense grows unbelievably and a rational person is always amazed by the last folly, the new baloney.
The galaxy of UFO=ET memes however is dying. Time and the NHS are killing it. After all is not easy to live in a nonexistent world.

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