Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tabloid Culture, Postmodernism and UFO Mythology.

We mentioned already the Tabloid Culture as a development of this Society of the Spectacle, and defined some of the characteristics of the tabloid style communication.

From the perspective of the Tabloid Culture there are no difference between fact and fiction, precisely because selling is more important than truth.

Tabloid Culture does not rely on facts, because the whole business is to give consumers what they want to read. In this also called trash journalism, fantasies are produced as a marketing strategy in whatever proportion is needed just to sell the tabloid and defeat the competence.

However, we would be wrong on believing that there is a conspiracy of the publishers to sell trash misinformation. The exchange of tabloid pseudo-information is only possible if the public agrees with the publishers. In other words if the readers agree with the tabloid fantasists and scandal mongers in one thing: to forget the difference between fact and fiction. In the “tabloideal” world, the journalist write lies and the reader knows that the tabloid content is untrue.

Sometimes we find in the ufological world a well designed and organized UFO industry. At the same time, it’s obvious that those who buy this nonsense must know that what they are reading is mythological and faked.

Back into the world of Ufology, most of the “experts “ in ETH will deny the existence of this fact-fiction textual dimension. They will say that they are telling the truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth.
However, I think there are exceptions, and I want to suggest that one of those rare exceptions is Dr. Michael Salla. First of all we must recognize that Michael is not afraid of dissident expressions. I write freely until now in his facebook space. This is great for us and for Ufology, because science is never afraid of differences and discrepancies.

If you visit some of Dr. Salla’s sites, you will find that color, image and text are designed to sell books and courses and all the ufological commodities.
Reading what the exopolitician writes, you will perhaps agree with me. Dr. Michael Salla and those who follow him and read his books are consciously positioned in the twilight territory between fact and fiction.
Both the writer and the readers are playing a game without believing that this game takes its rules from the real, factual world.

If I am right, there is nothing inherently wrong in this game, in this dimension where fact and fiction are meaningless.
In some way this is postmodernist Ufology.

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