Monday, October 27, 2014

Nostalgic thoughts about those good, old UFO times..!

Oh boy, those were the good old times. People was waiting there, for those nice aliens to come and bring peace, defeat the soviets, and protect us from hunger and illnesses.
So,  book-selling was easy. Just with a good title...something like "Cosmic Brothers are comming..!"  or  " I traveled in a flying saucer to Paradise planet." was more than enough.
Hundred pages and some illustrations and you were done. Enough for "a real expert" in the whole UFO and Extraterrestrial thing.
Believe me, couple of things like that and your readers were asking for more...they were there, night after night sitting in the backyard waiting for the Spaces Bros..! Reading the same book again and again. ( As my Uncle Jonathan said: Hope sells.)
Yes Sir, those were good times, and the 50's and the 60's, but now...let me tell you that I feel pitty for the new commers.
Young and middle aged men and women, wanting to make some extra dollars selling the UFO thing...but
soon they find that the thing is sold already, and is dead meat.
Well...they can reconsider the original idea of trying the evangelist idea but there's a lot of competence in this business also...and the same happens with New Age, so becoming a "guru" doesn't work. There are lots of Indians doing that, and also name it.

So, the new beguinner in the UFO-ET industry must work...yes...,work..! Copy and paste first of all, invent new titles and go seriously into Conspiracy Theory. Perhaps with this approach, some rhetoric skills and "face" she or he will do, but let's be  honest. The whole thing is sold
My advice: try something else. A coffee shop perhaps, or a hardware store...after all is easier to sell a cup of coffee or some needfull nails that inexistent Spaces Bros...or Foes.
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