Thursday, October 9, 2014

Richard Dolan is now into NAZI UFO's and full time conspiracy theory.

Richard Dolan, the well known "expert" in disclosure and Ufology seems to be loosing his imaginary sobriety concerning UFO, paranormal, disclosure, cover up, ghosts and other non-existent entities. No Richard is also into big conspiracy theory, you know, NAZI ufo, 21 century Ufology (whatever this is,) and the big Cover Up.
We must understand these people, since they are selling something that doesn't exist. Sooner or latter their own sons and daughters will ask them if what they say is TRUE.
(Oh, that's not nice..."Dad, do you have some evidences about these things?")
It's not nice to look at your own face in the mirror and recognize that you are selling lies as truth to make a living.
Truth is that sooner or latter the self-proclaimed experts in UFO, must go into CONSPIRACY theory, because they must explain to  the fiction-as-fact buyers the Nothing Happens Syndrome.
There is only one way to justify the N.H.S. and it's the massive, unbelievable conspiracy.
But here the self proclaimed experts confront a new problem: competence. 
It's not easy to make a living selling nonsense.

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