Sunday, October 5, 2014

Very Recommended on Typhoon, Mars, and the Moon.

Thoughts on a Monday Morning: The typhoon, Mars, and the moon

“In El Segundo, California, in a CIA laboratory, there is an elevator that transports a human being onto Mars, or any other planet with a solid ground. Mars is well known because it has been tested many, many times for the test runs. This technology came about from reverse engineering of a crashed spaceship which was sent from Alpha Centauri, the constellation made famous from the movie Avatar. Although it was well known in the scientific and conspiracy theorist community; it was hardly news in the real world. The scientists discovered that through the consciousness of a human or alien mind, the ship sets a destination you desire, and opens up a worm hole in front of the ship which transports you to the destination of your liking. This sounds like ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Star Gate’ type hogwash, but two of the top CIA officials have come out to talk about this ‘Jump Room’. Andrew D. Basiago has been the biggest and the most resourceful evidence of this Jump Room, which was created from reverse engineering.”

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