Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Question Marks and Freedom of Nonsense.

Dr. Michael Salla believes that there are spatial alien intergalactic ships in our Moon, and in Mars, Michael says that there are siting women, pyramids, rodents, dinosaurs, martian and human bases, monuments, temples, elongated craniums looking like faraonic egyptian crowned heads...and lots of ET vehicles right
there, in the Red Planet. Although NASA ,world scientists and governments keep this under strict cover-up.
However, Michael Salla is not fool. He ALWAYS  plants his " discoveries" between question marks.
Isn't it true that this martian rock looks like an Egyptian head?
Is NASA denying presumed close encounters with several extraterrestrial UFO's?
Will the Vatican tell the truth about presumed negotiations between the Church and the tall white aliens?
These little question marks give the exopolitician the freedom of nonsense. Also, the question marks tactic tells us a lot about the mute skepticism of our self-proclaimed experts.
By the way, Michael Salla also teaches Galactic Diplomacy in Hawaii.
You can read about all this of course, but please remember the Baloney Detection Kit.
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