Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Open Letter to Kevin Annett

Dear Kevin,
The way you ran away last night while the radio show’s host started asking you some challenging questions has made it obvious to the world that you have something to hide. You complain about the people who are asking you questions, and do everything within your power to avoid having to answer them. Why is that?
Yesterday you proved yourself to be a coward…
If you were an honest man you would welcome people’s questions and answer them in an open forum Kevin. Your pattern of constant evasion and ad-hominem attacks are hurting the cause you proclaim to support. Why do you think so many people in indigenous communities have asked you to stop?
If you are an honest man, and have nothing to hide, then you will accept the invitation to come back to a roundtable conversation on the radio show this weekend. None of the people involved are out for anything but the truth- if you are telling the truth you should have nothing to be afraid of.
I have a few questions for you Kevin, they should be easy for you to answer: READ MORE & SHARE.
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