Wednesday, October 15, 2014

UFO Psychosocial Hypothesis and critical denial.

We wrote that the UFO Industry is ruled by marketing laws, so it is REAL what sells. Simple like that.
However, there are also clients: people that buys books about the UFO phenomenon and the big conspiracy that presumably keeps the secret about the ET presence on Earth.
About this also the UFO Psychosocial Hypothesis gives a clear answer: the believers will buy and read what
confirms their beliefs. They have little interest in any hypothesis that contradicts their faith in the mythical, fantastic perspective. Fantasy, sensationalism and myth will always prevail while rational, coherent ideas will be rejected.
In fact this is not different from the attitude of religious believers who do not want to read what eventually can shake their faith.
Priests even promote this rejection of "profane readings" while professional ETH ufologists will condemn critical ideas as disinformation.
As we can see, there is no difference between religious and ufological belief. The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis is proclaimed as the true faith and the self-proclaimed experts become the only reliable popes of the new mythology. Of course the rule here is also the Tertullian Credo quia Absurdum  (I believe because is absurd.)
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